Rex Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what kinds of personal information Green Earth Software Ltd (hereinafter “Meet Rex”) collects and stores about individuals, how it uses that information and with whom the information is shared.

What personal information does Meet Rex collect?

When a business uses the Rex platform to send an individual a text message or email with a link or links to the Rex platform with the purpose of soliciting feedback and/or to encourage the individual to post an online review or reviews, Meet Rex will store that individual’s name, as entered by the user, and his or her email address and/or phone number, again as entered by the user. Meet Rex collects and stores no other personal information about individuals.

How does Meet Rex use this personal information?

The personal information identified in the previous paragraph is stored solely to send text and/or email messages, and after that to provide a history of message records to business users of the Rex platform.

With whom does Meet Rex share personal information?

Meet Rex uses the services of Twilio in order to send text messages. This means that Twilio has access to the phone numbers that Rex users enter. Likewise, emails are sent through SendGrid, which means that SendGrid has access to the email addresses that Rex users enter. When an individual submits a review to Rex, he or she can choose to enter either their own name or a pseudonym. Both the chosen name, whether real or fictitious, and the review will be publicly available online. Phone numbers and email addresses are never published with reviews. Other than as described above, Meet Rex does not share personal information with any other organizations or individuals, except when required by law. Meet Rex will never sell personal information.


Last revision: Dec. 26, 2019

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